Ursula Hirländer was born and raised in Graz, Austria and is now based in London Ontario. She is an abstract realist artist.
Ursula creates her pieces  by starting with multiple layers of mixed media and always finishes them with a final layer of oil paint. Her work centres mostly on female portraits. However, she also explores themes of animals, botanicals as well as none objective abstracts.
She worked as the head of the millinery department of the United Theatres in her hometown for ten years after completing a three year apprenticeship in this beautiful heritage trade. "Designing and making hats and masks for the performing arts was highly expansive and stimulating for me". 
At the age of 18, Ursula won the first price of a province wide art competition. She was awarded the honour of exhibiting her piece in the Vatican State in Rom as well as being mentioned in the Vatican newspaper.
After moving to Canada in 1986, Ursula devoted her time to raising her two children. It wasn't until later in life when Ursula's passion for art "didn't leave me a choice" she says with a smile. She completed her formal art education at the Milan Art Institute.
Currently Ursula's creative sanctuary, a beautiful loft studio overlooking the "Old South" district of London ON is where she spends most of her time in creative bliss. When she is not painting, visiting her children and recharging on the west coast of British Columbia is the highest priority to her. She also frequently goes back home to Austria to connect with her relatives. "It's always good to practice my customs and get my roots back in the ground, so to speak."
In pursuit  of beauty, my intention is to create a perfect balance of the elements of art and express them in each piece. Visual textures, lines, depth and contrast are my passion.          
Through much experimentation with different processes, such as dynamic mark making using various markers, spray paint and sometimes gold leaf, my style has evolved into abstract realism. The juxtaposition of the abstract elements in combination with realism is intriguing and visually pleasing.
I am fascinated by details of the human face, the raw nature and beauty of animals and botanicals. Faces are especially captivating.The nuances of expressions are rich and speak volumes about the human condition. Each of us is one of a kind and yet we are very much alike. My interpretation of these unique similarities resonate intensely with my collectors. 
Art is a metaphor for life. There is a relationship between what we see around us and what we experience internally. My work encourages the observer to connect with my pieces and spark something that makes them ponder.